Best L.A. Movers has a stellar reputation in commercial moves and are well equipped to handle any type of business move. Our strategy is to understand the specific needs of your business because that makes our job and your move easier. We work directly with your company’s move coordinator and provide logistic support in planning and organizing your move. Best L.A. Movers specialists will work with you to solve important planning questions, establish a timetable for your move and develop a floor plan for your new facility.


Prior to the move, Best L.A. Movers will request a floor plan of your new facilities. Working together we will assign numeric or alpha names to different designated areas of your new facilities and we will use that floor plan as a basic guide for your move. We will provide you with special labels, which are color-coded and can be used in conjunction with your labels. Each item to be moved will be assigned a unique number and then we will indicate on the floor plan where you want that item moved. The labels are secure enough to stay in place
while in transit but will not damage the finish of your office furniture when they are pulled off at the end of the move.


How much packing do you want your employees to do themselves? Some businesses prefer that we pack their entire business, thereby freeing their employees from this task. Other companies prefer to have their employees pack only their own work stations while other businesses prefer that their employees do all the packing. A Best L.A. Movers specialist would be available to come to your place of business and meet directly with your employees to demonstrate how to pack the items to be moved. If you decide to have your employees do the packing for some or your entire move, we will deliver the boxes and packing materials you will need prior to the move date. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to decide which route is the best for your business
and best for your budget. Best L.A. Movers will help your business stay organized even while in transit.


Prior to the day of the move, Best L.A. Movers will talk directly to the building management of both your old location and the building your business is moving into. We will be certain to understand their requirements in order to secure a smooth move for your business. We will direct our insurance company to provide each of the buildings’ management teams with a certificate of insurance that includes them as insures. BR Movers understands your need to minimize the interruption to your daily business. We respect your deadlines and the importance of your company being back in business as soon as possible.


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