At Best L.A. Movers Moving and Storage, a local residential move is a move that takes place within a 56-mile radius and stays within the state of origin. Many factors determine the cost of a local move. Luckily, many of those factors are within your control. For example, how ready are you when the movers arrive? Are all of your belongings packed in boxes?

Can the moving truck park close to your home? Do you have any extremely heavy items to move? Are there any disassembly or reassembly services that will be required to safely move your belongings? How much packing, unpacking and furniture placement would you like the movers to do for you?

The more information you provide us prior to your move date, the better your chances are of having a smooth move within your budget. Best L.A. Movers is a full-service moving and storage company. You can walk out the door, leave the breakfast dishes on the table and we can take it from there. Or, you can have all of your belongings packed in boxes and stacked by your front door and we can simply load them on the truck for you and unload them in your new home. Based on all of the above information, we can determine the right number of movers to get the job done just the way you want it.


Our strategy is to take you through a step-by-step process, explain your options, and develop the best pre-move plan for the most cost effective relocation. We begin with advanced pre-move counseling where our dedicated Relocation Consultant will visit your home and provide you with a written in home estimate.

Our consultant uses the latest in computerized estimating software which records room by room each item you would like moved and every other service you would like us to perform.

They use check sheets to ensure nothing is overlooked so you have all of the information explaining the moving services and processes to make informed decisions regarding your move. After your decision, work orders, special instruction sheets, detailed notes and the room by room list (cube sheet) is turned in and discussed with our operations team.

They thoroughly review the project together which helps convey the particular circumstances and details of your move. This helps ensure that everything that was discussed during your estimate is fulfilled on moving day. If you would like a no obligation survey of your move please Contact Us.


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Moving company Pasadena
Moving company Pasadena

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